Parts for Sale?

Hi, I asked people on the vex discord and they said that people here would be willing to sell there vex parts. My team only has 1300 dollars and they told me that it wasn’t enough to win a competition.

First, yes, folks do sell parts here occasionally. Also check Facebook Marketplace.

Second, $1,300 is a skinny budget for VRC, but you can certainly start with that. A competition V5 kit is $1,000 before tax and shipping. You won’t be purchasing a field, or full set of elements. But if you have a local club/school they may share their field for you to practice on. Hopefully you have a computer you can use for programming already. You can source parts for $1,300 and work on raising funds for the rest.

Additionally, don’t let the cash you have today be your limit. There are opportunities to get out and earn more. My teams have cleaned trash cans, painted mailboxes, gathered and recycled metal to pay their way.

Finally, winning isn’t what it’s all about or necessarily directly related to funding. And it will take time to win with an unlimited budget. We’re all here to help you in your journey, good luck!


Since you have a short budget, I would reccomend learning how to use Fusion 360, Inventor, or any CAD Softwares. This allows you to make robots virtually and then you will have an idea of what you need


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First thing I’ll say is you don’t win a competition with a certain amount of money, you win with design and practice. But some money is needed. Is your mentor/coach a member of the VEX World Coaches Association? If not, it might be helpful. Sounds like you might need some sponsors or do some fundraising.

Does your $1300 include your registration and event fees? That might leave you with closer to $1000 to work with. Somebody might be able to offer you some deals on parts, but not likely a V5 electronics set. I’d recommend you get a Competition Starter Kit for $999 (plus shipping, might be tax exempt if you’re part of a school or 501(c)3 org).

Some will frown on the Kits, but if you do the analysis, it has mostly useful parts and gives a savings of $141 over the individual parts. Assuming you’ve never built a bot before, this kit is handy because it gives you enough parts to build the V5 clawbot trainer, and build this year’s basic trainer Mogo. These are the two designs used in the game video. Once you’ve done some building, and maybe even an early competition if you can find one, you’ll get an idea what you might need to build and design better bots.


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