Parts from previous years games

Can field materials from previous years’ games be used on the robot builds? We are wanting to use the plastic piece on the high goal from last years’ game on our robot this year. Is this legal?

The plastic that was used for the tipping point platforms fits the criteria for legal non-shattering plastic that can be found in the game manual, so is legal to use. That said, not all former game elements fit the description of legal-to-use parts, so it is always something you would want to check in the game manual before using.

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Most of the IQ Field parts are legal to use, with the exception of some objects and plastic sheets. For the full List of legal parts see the VEX IQ Legal parts document.

[](Legal Parts Document)


This is an IQ question and only legal plastic sheets are the ones purchased in a pack. Plastic sheets from previous game elements in IQ are not legal and can not be cut down to match a legal part.

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