Parts Needed

Hi everybody
I will be buying a vex starter kit, power pack, and programming kit soon. To build a robot that can drive at a reasonable speed and has a mechanical arm that could lift something like a tennis ball, what would i need? I would think just an extra hardware and metal kit and a couple extra servos? I’ve never used vex before but ive used lego and ive built my own robot with electronics

To do a simple version of what you are thinking you should be able to do it with the starter kit. If you have money to spend I would get another motor and more metal.

if i may, for your project i would recommend the vexplorer. its not a programmable brain box, but it does include some of the features your looking to imply with the starter kit.

The Vexplorer.

Hmm, nice suggestion Junkie. But he wanted a reasonable speed. The VEXplorer has somewhat a slow crawl which is one of its disadvantages.

An advanced hardware and metal kit would be a pretty good idea, it also supplements your starter kit. Umm, if you want a mechanical arm, you could use the VEXplorer claw kit. Don’t know if it would be too minimal of a challenge for you to basically buy a claw, but i wouldn’t think you’d need much more seeing what your goals are.

You could try to buy all three advanced kits, motion, hardware, and metal. Use them all to make your own unique robot.

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