Parts, Super Kit, etc needed?

Hi everyone!

Our teams were school affiliated last year until the teacher/director retired and the school decided not to continue forward with the program. Our three teams each opted to complete the season as independent teams, and the school was kind enough to allow us to use the existing robots/fields/pieces to complete the year. However, this will not be an option this year as all of the VEX parts/pieces will be redistributed throughout the rest of the school district for the upcoming season.

We are looking for affordable ways to acquire the needed super kits and fields for this season, and I wondered if anyone had some suggestions for us. I know we can buy directly through VEX, but given the need to outfit three teams at the same time, I wondered if there were other known options out there. Are any teams not going forward with IQ that may want to sell what they have? If so, where would they be able to post those lots?

Any help/suggestions are appreciated!

You might want to post your general area to see if someone close to you has parts. (I’m in Delaware, send me a message if you are close).

Contact your RECF person, they have grants on a buy-one get one type program. Also ask about the field they may be able to help you there.

Lastly, look at doing some fund raising. It’s a tough time to be asking for money, but lots of work places have matching funds. For example if an employee gives $100 the workplace will match it. You can also approach the larger businesses in your town and ask for donations.

Good luck and welcome

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