Parts You Own

How many extra (other than the parts that came with a starter kit) parts do you own. Do the poll and post what extra parts you have.

I have 1 ultra-sonic sensor, 1 extra motor modal, and 1 battery kit.

1 servo motor
ultrasonic sensor
extra 1/2in screws
Tank Tread Kit
Chain kit
extra 2 & 3 in. rods

The only thing was i dont have a programming kit yet which would be :frowning:

How long did it take you to get all of that?:smiley: :confused: :slight_smile: :confused: :confused:

A programing kit, you NEED THAT!!!

1 starter kit
2 hardware kits
2 tread kits
1 chain kit
1 gear kit
1 wheel kit
total of 6 motors
total of 6 servos
1 extra transmitter/receiver kit (ebay)
8 bumper switches
8 limit switches
1 ultrasonic distance sensor
2 optical encoder kits (total of 4 encoders)
8 Metal locking bars (much better than the plastic ones)
1 battery kit
1 programming kit

non-Vex stuff I use with Vex:
[INDENT]BlueSmirf bluetooth radio link from SparkFun
CMUCam2+ from Acroname
2 Sharp Infrared distance sensors
A large handful of connectors from Jameco for making extension cables[/INDENT]

starter kit (duh)
hardware and metal kit
6 limit swiches
4 bumper switches
2 wheel upgrades
2 gear upgrades
1 set of tank treads
8 motors
2 servos

that is it

i have at least one of all the standard vex kits, and a LOT of stuff from VElabs.

holy cow that is alot i wish i had all taht

I have the metal kit and the spare wheel kit.

if i had all the stuff you guys have my room would be a lot worse than wat it is

My FVC teams own multiple of everything except for the little rubber links, pneumatics, and a few of the screw and stand off beam sizes. I’m pretty certain we have at least a few pieces of every different metal piece, including the aluminum kits.

We’ve been using our leftover parts and CPUs to build robots to scrimmage against. Currently we have our FVC robot we’ll be competing with and 2 other robots that aren’t as good.

too much to write down.