Passive clamp

Does anyone have any possible ideas for a passive clamp? Since this game we need motors for base, intake and lift we are trying to find a passive clamp to save up motors. So if possible we need passive clamp ideas for tipping point.

Not passive, but do pneumatics count?

Sadly we don’t have pneumatics, so yes passive.

Idea: have a standard active claw design but make it latch, using rubber bands to make it close. Then add a plunger using linear sliders going out the back of the robot. Depressing the plunger will open the claw, releasing the goal.


Can you elaborate on this?

Assuming there’s a motor running these linear sliders, I’m not sure how this will reduce the number of motors used.
Unless you mean the claw releases when the arm/elevator is all the way down, by way of clever mechanism?

new meta is 8m drive pneumatic lifter passive clamp


The linear slider will be pressed by running it into the wall

I made something for my team that was a passive clamp, and it was really simple although we didnt test it a lot. Rubber banding a clamp that normally already works on goals, and gears arent needed! This works best in my experience with two “teeth” on screws with spacers until there is a bolt at the end. Because of the way the goals are this year, (diagonal incline), the claw can go up before locking in at the mouth of it due to rubber bands. It drags it around, half clamp, passive, and virtually untested, so modifications will probably be necessary. I hope this works. Good luck!

I was thinking about something like this too, but how would it let go of the goal? (Welcome to the forum by the way!)

When we made a claw (Similar to the one @CatIsLiquid is describing) we had to use probably really small teeth using standoffs, it’s all about finding a balance. You want them to just barely be under the goal but still be able to hold it that way when you open it doesn’t get fully stuck. While testing we had several issues because the mogo would get stuck on the teeth. Another way to counter this is just by sliding the goal off via the ground or the tower, but then that causes the tower to be unbalanced. People have made somewhat of this design adding tilt to the claw so it eliminates the need for bottom teeth but generally, I have only seen pneumatics in this design.

What I’m really trying to say is if you have maybe just one or two really small bottom teeth you won’t have to worry about the frustration of getting it off without having to slide the mogo against another object.

Have you checked out NorCal’s reveal? They have a passive clamp.


Taking a closer look at this claw from what @BobbyfromJamaica had mentioned it looks a bit unnecessary compared to the claws that have been introduced recently. Im not trying to say its bad far from it actually its a good take. But its a bit clunkier compared to modern claws and that there are more easier to make and more efficient designs.

Blaze robotics (in my opinion) has actually I think nailed the idea for a nice clamp reducing the need for bottom teeth.

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