Passive Cone Intake

I have been studying the game pieces more and have noticed there are many ways to have a passive intake for the cones. You could for example pick them up from the top hole on the cone. Another one is because it has grooves maybe a passive claw that sits in between them to pick up the cones. I am not really sure about how well they will work, but they are just ideas.

This is the top hole idea explored.

Well I thought about it and I think it’s too unstable and it’s hard to correctly let them go. It’s a very simple thing to build, but as a trade off you lose the reliability. In my opinion I would go with a claw, but maybe you can find a way to make it work. Cool idea though, I didn’t think of that.

I feel like this would be too finicky for in-game use.

@Quinn Reynolds I agree

I think with some revisions it is possible to actually do it, but I dont know how effective it will be.

Unfortunately because of SG9, a concave type of intake isn’t allowed, but I think that design would be a lot more viable for competition if it had something that the cone just slotted into and the hole was lined up with the pin already.

You can have a concave intake. I’m assuming you got that idea from “You cant push with a concave side to hoard cones portion” But having a concave section as an intake is completely legal.

@9210_Sam Oh I get it now, thanks.

Wair, so a funnel that can hold 3 cones at a time is legal? If its only running to the intake? Or would that be hording

I’m pretty sure that would be hoarding.

i dont know, because hoard is defined as

but your not reserving it for future use, your using it now, only it could be considered plowing i guess, what i’m saying is the language used leaves room for interpretation, i just asked in the Q&A and hopefully i get an answer soon

@SenorPastrana, just curious, what is your drive configuration? We don’t have any elements and I was wondering how easily you can push the bases around.

We use high speed and can push easily as long as the wheels aren’t riding up on the mobile bases.