Passive intake ideas

My team has been thinking about a rebuild, and we discussed the possibility of using a passive cone intake. Are there any existing videos of passive intakes anywhere? Thanks in advance.

Yes, there are. Quite a few, actually.

Search YouTube for “vex in the zone passive intake” or something similar

There many, in fact, I do think that Antichamber has a few good ones.

Personally, I would use Side Rollers (Not roller intake) to just slip into the cone and grad it. I have never built a passive intake, so I’m not too sure about using them.

I personally like the 6007x and 7700r passive intakes. I build one and it works really well.

Do you have any tips? I’m going to try to build one as well.

Check out 7700R, there’s is passive, and according to the ELO website, they are first in the world right now in wins and such.

ELO website:

BTW we are on the same team :wink:

Passive intakes are generally hard to build. It took us a while to perfect ours. I would suggest an alternative design if you’re not super familiar with polycarbonate bending.

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@M8R You must not realize the power of the internet, young one . . .

You can make anything with enough zipties.

I think we are assuming a bit here in this thread. Passive != Using Polycarbonate. You can make a perfectly viable passive intake with metal if you are unfamiliar with Polycarbonate.

Exactly. The simplest passive intake is a standoff that goes into the hole on top of the cone. This isn’t the best one but it is passive and can work.

We have until January to get this bot done. We were nust looking for the BEST passive intake we could make, so sadly a standoff won’t work. Honestly, though, Lexam is probably the way its going to go. Anyonw have any tips about Lexam?