Passive Intake That Kinda Works

I mean, kinda sorta. If you need a passive intake in 30 seconds, look no further.

It looks like we’re sliding the intake off sideways, but it actually kind of releases itself when you press on it.

I’m only about 50% responsible for this intake.

That’s probably too much responsibility for you


If this is v2 then wtf was v1? A screw? Why did you feel the need to share this? You’d be better off trying to stick a standoff through the hole in the top of the. Edit: found it.
If this is what your claw looks like what does the rest of your bot look like?

Well, I’m not on a team this year, but my school’s B team looked like this a bit back (they’re pretty much completely rebuilding for next comp):

One of B team’s members and I were going to build a shared power 4 motor turbo mogo bot to look at stuff, but us being smart, we forgot to grab 12 tooth gears. We decided to mess around with stupid passive intakes because we couldn’t do anything productive until tomorrow. This one worked much better than it was supposed to so I said, eh why not share it. You can kind of tell I’m a programmer from the build quality of both the passive intakes (I built the first one all by myself :)).

EDIT: I said “One of B teams” instead of “One of B team’s members.” Oops.