Passive Intake

My team was looking at a passive intake for NbN with rubber bands. Has anyone tried this before?

Could you please expand on this idea? Rubber bands can be used a variety of ways and we won’t be able to answer your question without a bit more background info in what you’re meaning :slight_smile:

Sorry, I see I wasn’t making sense :frowning:

We saw the post about having a hungry hippo style intake for a robot to collect the stacks of balls in the center of the field. We were trying that out, along with a conveyor belt to transport balls to our flywheels, but we realized had already used all of our 10 allowed motors. (4 drivetrain, 4 flywheel, 2 for adjusting the angle of the launcher) That’s why we were trying to make a passive intake.

But we’re a new team so we’re unsure how to do that so we were messing around with rubber bands. Safe to say we didn’t get very far :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps you could make something work without motors, but you will probably want to dedicate some motors to your intake instead of something else. Intaking balls needs to be fast and easy or having a great launcher won’t matter.

Since your launcher won’t need to change angle particularly fast, maybe you could just dedicate one motor to it and gear it down a lot. Then you would have one motor left over for your intake.

Rubber bands will not move on their own, so it may not end up being as passive as you think. The robot driving along is a means of power to this is what I think you are getting at.

Rubber bands can be guides to route the balls into a powered conveyor/chute to get to the launcher, but you’ll have to describe this a bit more to show us what you mean.

Correct me if I am wrong as I am still pretty new to VEX, but I believe you could get rid of the two motors you use to angle the flywheel entirely by adjusting the speed of the flywheel motors instead of the angle.

Ex: A closer shot calls for less power as a full court shot would require a lot.

Absolutely! You just can’t make them faster than the full speed of the motor. :smiley:

Still needs to be validated with a build though…