Passive intakes. Help

Do any of you know what parts they used to make the passive intake shown.

I am thinking that it might be a combination of gussets, short C channels and mesh.
Many Thanks

though our team isn’t making passive intake. from the picture i see:

im not sure if this is what u wanted though


Also this is just an animation, meaning it was never tested in the real world. This specific design might need to be modified, before it works properly. The takeaway you should from this design is the idea, not specifically how it is built. It is fine if you build this specific deign, but it is important that you also know how to design things your self.


is it really passive if u need a motor to release it???

intaking is passive, the release is not.
imagine a clawbot that could just pick up a cube by running into it

i know but there is no advantage in motor distribution though right it still requires 1 motor
and a claw bot could do that with good coding

well if you want to be technical no coding is as fast as a passive and a release is one-directional, so you only use half of a motor via ratcheting


ok thats fair but ud have to have the lift go back passively


thats what
passive lock means

and if its on the top of the robot what would you u do with the other direction

idk release another passive

spin a flywheel for my cube shooter maybe

why ud u want to shoot a cube

knock down the stacks in the non protected zone
i’m not doing it though

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The idea is that the releasing is powered by the four-bar, a mechanism that is already needed and serves a purpose.

Most ‘passive mechanisms’ in vex aren’t fully passive.



I really think you are missing my point

passives are faster and you have a one-directional motor extra

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Its not better, its just a different way to do stuff.

You gain very slight speed since you don’t have to wait for a motor to move and the motor has to do less stuff as its not constantly holding cube (as gravity is). A major downside though is you loose some control in the process. The motor position also gets shifted, which could be good or bad depending on your design.


legal actually
as long as you don’t contact with the stack directly

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if the stacks are scored then they are in the ‘super protected zone’ or something

You cant even drive through there

u cant hit it with a cube