Passive Intakes

I am testing a passive intake with stored potential in rubber bands right now. Has anyone else tested something like this?

Sounds intriguing but what do you mean by stored potential? Are you talking about something that uses rubber bands twisted up into something like a spring motor? or are you talking about using the drive motion of the robot to draw in the balls? or…???

A photo would be nice. :slight_smile:

I don’t have it with me so I can’t take a photo but it’s like a spring motor on steroids.

Do you mind if I ask why/how you plan on using this? How long can it run? Is this only to save motors for other tasks or…???

  1. It would be a waste of a motor to manipulate such light objects.
  2. The whole match (confirmed).
  3. I have a very very VERY strong/fast drive. So yeah, other tasks.

No doubt a design first pioneered by these Spinner experts:

Passive intakes and the four ball max rule seem to be make passive intakes tough to implement. You would go get a stack of balls and many passive intakes require you to bump into a wall or drive at speed to get them properly onto some hopper.

The idea seems to be you run over/surround a stack and then get them to your shooter or catapult or beaming technology to deliver the balls to the goal. The trouble is the balls may move at the slightest bumping and seemingly random directions and leave the passive intake. Unless you squish it, guide it, or corral them. (so is it still a passive intake?)

I can see transfer mechanism needs to be powered or is a part of the shooter. Something needs to get from pyramid into nice orderly shootable.

A picture would be nice. Very intriguing.

Lets call it semi-passive as of the update I did last night though the majority of the mechanism is entirely passive. The idea is based on a combination of two Clean Sweep intakes that were very effective with two of my own special touches.
I wish I could go on, but I have to keep up my competitive advantage. :wink:

Well that kinda gave it away already