Passive latching mechanism.

I have had a few people message me about our latching mechanism, and in the spirit of sharing knowledge I took a little video today and got my dad to upload it to youtube. I will add captions to explain what you are seeing when I get the time. You will see in the video where I tilt the robot backwards, this simulates the tipping we have when the robot lifts itself up since we have the hanging hooks mounted forward of the center of gravity. Having your robot tilt is the only way to get these latches to work. Let me know if anyone needs more explanation than the video shows. Feel free to use this idea, just give credit where it is due. Good luck!
Here is the video.

I think that just toped the list for the most innovative mechanism to find it’s way onto this forum. Keep up the good work.

nice gold nugget you got there!

Thank you so much man. This will greatly help our high hanging. Thanks for being so kind and sharing this wonderful idea. God bless you.

Do you have any trouble with the robot tilting during normal match play and accidentally activating the latch, thus removing your ability to raise your lift for the remainder of the game? It seems to me that you might encounter this when going over the bump or in other scenarios. Great idea though! :slight_smile:

I suppose if you tried raising the lift while simultaneously going over the bump it might catch. We have been to 5 events with this robot and latch and it has only caught once while lifting and driving forwards at the same time. Simply stopping an lowering the lift and then raising it again solved that problem with about a 2 second delay.

This is a really cool latching mechanism. The one we use for our robot requires a pneumatic piston holding a spring loaded hook to latch onto the arm, but this is a lot simpler. Good job

this is a great solution for hanging, its very simple and effective, much more simple than our pneumatic lock keep up the good work