Passive Lift

Has anybody succeeded in building a passive lift or even a lift using one motor? I have been seeing quite a few effective lifts like , , . But they all use more than one motor. If you have made a passive lift, please post it.

i don’t think there is such a lift because other whys it would have been posted by now my best advise is a 2 motor passive lift.

Like how?

@GOTH Nerd u could make a ramp using only 2 motors and a self lift with 2 motors as shown above, but both of these do use pneumatic except if you make a ramp all you need is 2 motors.

These are both pneumatically actuated lifts (which could be actuated with a single motor).

Or a team has such a lift but doesn’t want to share for exactly that reason. :slight_smile:

@Kevin Boenisch you make a good point but do you honestly think a one motor passive lift is out there because thats like saying a one motor working flywheel is out there.

A one motor flywheel is out there.

I have a design for a no motor passive lift, but I won’t release the design until I build it. Just in case it doesn’t work. (One motor might be required) We have a competition this Saturday, I will build said lift immediately after. And hopefully it will work.

i notice you do everyone’s prototypes for them. =d

Well the lift Idea is my own, but it happens to fit to this thread… But thank you as you just reminded me about the sideways flywheel… I must test that…

lol both a 1 motor lift and 1 motor flywheel are out there XD

@Michael Nutt Lol no i meant a 1 motor flywheel for two wheels because that is impossible and please send a link of this 1 motor lift.

@Michael Nutt Everyone knows that pneumatic is basically equivalent to two motors as stated in the Vex Rule Book which says that your robot can have ten motors with use of pneumatic or twelve without which basically supports what i’m trying to say and make you example invalid

Here is what I said at the end of the reply.

Sideways flywheel? Whats that?

its exactly what its called.

Sorry, off topic… Its this thread: Sideways-Single-Flywheel

@Michael Nutt srry i did not read all of your reply but either way only maybe the ramp could be used with one motor but that still is only one way you could do it and is not very reliable the secound example you gave i have no idea how you could do that with one motor.