"Passive" mobile goal intake!

Two motors power gears in such a way that if they go in the same direction, the mobile goal lift moves, but if they go opposite directions, the drive moves

That is actually pure genius. Well done!

What happens if you use both the joysticks?

is that a 1-1 mobile goal gear ratio? do you expect to have problems with that?


I like how your contraption was referred to as “Passive drive train” over “Passive mobile goal intake,” even though both names are not accurate. Both subsystems (functions) are active and share the same set of motors.

Can you build a version with a more reasonable gear ratio (i.e. MoGoLift / Drivetrain = 1/5 or 1/7) ?

I don’t think so he is using 4 motors

I’m working on a compact way to make the mobile goal mechanism geared down

Very nice. Bottomnotch is wanting to try this. He was going to ask you first, but now that you made it public, I am guessing that is OK.