Passive Mobile Goal Mechanism

Designed a passive mechanism for the mobile goals, easy for beginning teams

Check it out here

Nice! New teams: beware, if a mechanism like this drags across the tiles while carrying a mobile goal it Will damage them and could get you disqualified. Make sure you have some sort of roller underneath…

this would also be easy to deploy, and a roller would make it even easier to roll over the pipes, great innovation. the only qualm i have with it is it may make it difficult to stay inside the 36" limit that the judges enforced upon us. assuming an 18" normal body, this takes you out to 31.5", which is rather close. not to mention that this could make it much harder to maneuver around the cones, them being as crowded as they are. Another thing is that this makes it extremely hard to turn, as you’ll run into almost everything doing so, however with some fine tuning this could work very well.

Does this passive mechanism get over the large pipe and is it able to score in the 20 point zone? Thanks in advance,

Currently it hits the big pipe in the center and gets stuck, but if you extend the wedge, it should go over. We haven’t tested it yet though.

After testing it in our first competition, it actually never scratched the field, just glides on top. Never tested it with the 20 point bar because our arm supports don’t clear the small pipe. Does hinder your movement around the field because it goes outside your chassis. But it is easy to build if you are new and want to learn the mechanics of the game pieces

That’s a really nice design. All first year teams should really consider this design. It will really help them pick up the pace with scoring mobile goals.