Passive mogo tipper

Does anyone have an idea for a passive mogo tipper?

You’ll need to explain a bit more.

I honestly don’t understand the benefits behind them, they really only provide a very small amount of interference as you can just place your lift on top of them and drive backwards no complications required. With this system its extremely easy to get them back upright and almost certainly illegal to knock over mobile goals with cones on them, so really its not even worth your time.

If you have a linear lift just make a hook-shaped thing that flops out at the beginning of the match, and go and lower your lift to where the hook thing is on the mogo then drive forward

I was thinking a lot about this when they were first introduced. Of course, I obviously don’t think they should be used, but if you have a dr4b with all of your motors being used, you could build a mogo tipper than attack a hint and put it on the back of your dr4b. That way, when your dr4b raises and your robot drives forwards, the mogo tipper deploys. To knock them over, just lower your dr4b over the mogo and fit the mogo tipper around the mogo and drive away. Hopefully, you have enough torque to tip it over.

we actually have a scissor lift…

Why would you need a mobile goal tipper? honestly, I feel that its a waste of space. If you are competitive enough and the driving capability is on point, there would not be any necessary reason to tamper with their mobile goal. I’m not sure how you can pull off a passive mobile goal tipper with a scissor lift though…

Maybe add a C-Channel on the back of the scissor lift to act as a backboard, then add the hinge, When you lower your dr4b, you might fit it around the mogo. Then, just drive forward.

i agree. the best way to give your opponents pain in getting their mg’s is to shove them in a corner with a bunch of cones around them, not tip them.

yeaaaah it’s probably easier to play keep-away with the opponent’s MGs instead of tipping them.

We once we’re against a robot with a plow shape that didn’t necessarily funnel cones, just pushed then into the corners extreme easily. Given that, you can tell the amount of hate they got for shoving cones and blocking off mogos extremely well…

So we’ve gotten pretty good at throwing cones halfway across the field with our chainbar we need to clear a path…
Also, our mogo intakes are at the perfect height to halfway deploy and knock mogos over by turning…

Is it really worth it though? Most teams dont have much trouble tipping them back over…

Yeah that’s the main counterargument. It isn’t.
You’d only want to actively tip over a MG if you were on you way to doing something else (IMO). Other than that it’s a waste of time.

have a shaft that just swings out when you drive by a mogo so you casually tip it on your way over to the driver loads or smth.

Mogo Tippers are not worth it, When I was up against a Mogo Tipping Robot I just used the rollers to make the Mogo intake upright just like when a cone is flipped.

Mogo tippers aren’t the best, but a Mogo cage bot is where it’s at if you are wanting to go into defense.