Passive two cube intake? small

Has anyone built a successful cube intake that’s passive and can do two cubes? Our team seems to get the same ideas
IMG_5218 copy.jpg

My team has, ours is fairly simple, it is just a few 45 degree gussets. And get two cubes, we just stack a cube on top of another and pick both up.

That was the type of idea help I needed. Thanks!

In the beginning of the year we had actually designed a 2 cube passive needle intake, but we ended up scraping it do to our lift design.

the reverse double 4 bar robot in this video has a passive needle intake

its like this needle: [

but instead the piston is replaced with a mini 4 bar linkage that when pressed onto a post or skyrise bends up and releases the cube latch](

Here is the intake that my team used in the beginning of the year. We called it the “rake” intake. it is completely passive and could pick up skyrises and up to 2 cubes side by side. There is a spring loaded skyrise mechanism that worked really well for us too. It is a simple and effective intake that is easy to build :)!
Hope this helps!

We had a two cube needle “based” on the one in the video Stanley posted :wink: and it was pretty reliable too. There’s some closeups of it in our reveal video and autonomous videos.

This robot reminds me of importance of driving. With a passive intake and the cube severely leaning forward when hooked up, they never managed to get one cube stuck on skyrise. For a small scale team that is looking forward to build something simple, attempt something like this and improve your driving. This robot beat our 2 cube roller intake in finals…

Thanks for the replies! I have been wanting to do pneumatics or even a needle intake and I really like the “rake” intake! The only issue is sizing, I’m in the process of wanting to redesign the whole robot and get rid of the uniqueness but I want to stay with what I created and make it work. I posted two images of what we have right now but the size constraints have been messing with me for the past month.