Passive Wrist Locking Mechanism

In the video above, you can see, at the beginning of the video, you can see that the robot’s wrist mechanism is folded up in the beginning, but it folds down as the robot drives, and locks. I’ve seen this type of mechanism on multiple robots, and I would like to build it on my own. Are there any explanations / up-close pictures / resources which I could use?

Thanks in advance!

There are plenty ways to do this, here’s one:

Our team has a far superior one however; perhaps I’ll put up a picture when I get into class tomorrow.

@Mr_L_on_Yoshi Thanks for the info!

This is how we do it

Sorry if you cant hear me that well, it was like 1 am lol

@phantom285A but you’re not allowed to hold your robot like that at the beginning of the match, no?

that is true, but the ground or something should hold it in before the match.

@MayorMonty we have like a hook thing on another subsystem that also folds out at the beginning of the match

@phantom285A Ahh that makes sense. Thanks!

Mine is the most simple I think. I have plexiglass and standoffs that hit the plexiglass so I just took the black latex tubing and ran it across the back of the stands off so when it’s done it’s pulled keeping it from coming back

Can you a picture?

We have two pieces of bar plate on rubber links that catch on the “fork” when it folds out at the beginning of the match. It works pretty well, but its really annoying to unhook it once the match is over.

With enough tension and placement, the force of a lot of rubber bands could offer a simple and lightweight solution and wouldn’t necessitate any locking mechanism at all. Many of our early claws had no locking mechanism: