Past competition games?

I am new to VRC this year, and so ITZ is the only game I have any experience with. I know last year’s game was starstruck, but does anyone remember what the games from the years before that was? Just curious :slight_smile:

2017-18: In The Zone
2016-17: Startstruck
2015-16: Nothing But Net
2014-15: Skyrise
2013-14: Toss Up
2012-13: Sack Attack
2011-12: GateWay
2010-11: Round Up
2009-10: Clean Sweep
2008-09: Elevation
2007-08: Bridge Battle

I deleted the previous post since this list is more complete

Here’s the page with info on each; took a while for me to find it.

[edited to add the history page link]

Competition History

You can find past VEX IQ Challenges and VEX Robotics Competition/VEXU games.