Past Worlds live stream

I am relatively new to vex compared to many other members on the forum, but recently I have been trying to look back at some worlds to see matches that can spark an idea for the new season… but I am having trouble finding the whole live stream of past worlds, the world videos I am really interested in are skyrise, toss up, and round up. Please if anyone has these videos or knows where to find them leave the link in the comments thank you.

Cut to the Bot has lots of matches from Skyrise

thank you

You can find all the official recordings of VEX Worlds VRC divisions dating as far back as Sack Attack by looking at past events under VRC TV Channels 1-11, all linked here. As for Round Up, well… you can find plenty of unofficial recordings just by searching.

There’s plenty of official pictures of VEX Worlds, including for Round Up, here.