Pasting long code into the notebook

Before I start, I know there are some other threads about this, but they are from a long time ago.

We have a lot of code for our robot, over 25 pages at size 8 font. We want to include this code in our notebook as we think its a vital part of the design process. That being said, pasting 25+ pages into the notebook does not seem feasible. Any suggestions? Are we allowed to have the code in a 3 ring binder and still have it count as bound?


You may put it in a notebook but you will probably not get the bonus for a bound notebook. But I have to ask, 25 pages…? In one big data dump?
So the purpose of the EN is to provide a contemporaneous accounting of your design and build process. Why haven’t you been documenting your various coding modules as you’ve gone along? Clearly your programmer did not program 25 pages of 8 font code in one day. I’d encourage your team to incorporate coding as you go along instead of one big dump. So, when one element is finished- such as programming the drive system, pit that in your notebook. Show that your build and programming was done concurrently. Just like you wouldn’t post a picture of a complete robot without including the intermediate steps, I don’t think it is good to post a completely finished program without the intermediate steps.


Nevermind I belive we have found a solution. I think we are going to staple the code in a packet and paste it in.

As for your question, yes we have been documenting code fragments throughout the notebook, however we like to have one long code to reference during the interview with the notebook. The reason our code is so long is we have many auton programs, and many of them are somewhat repetitive. Also I realized that it was 1.5 spaced. When set to single spaced it is only 17 pages. Thanks for your response though.


OK. Good luck! Might want to figure out ways to reuse code rather than repeating it. You can create commonly used modules and functions and call them numerous times. One thing this really helps with is configuration control. If you discover a error in a part of code that is repeated 5 times, instead of remembering to fix all five exact occurrences, you only have to fix it once. I would really encourage you to remove redundancy in your code to the extent possible. Your code may go from 25 pages to 5.


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