Pausing lift during intake

I am trying to lift the intake arm and hold it while it places the block in the tower. In my design, the arm keeps falling down when not rising up.

How do I program my driver control to lift the arm and hold it on one position, while out-taking the block into the tower?

Use braketype hold for your lift. It will hold your arm’s position where ever it moves to. The only thing I would watch out for is overheating as holding causes your motors to always run. It shouldn’t overheat quickly, but it will overheat and much faster.


Would you please elaborate on the “braketype hold” with some sample code. <- Scroll down a bit till you find the braking methods for the motor class. You can read how to use them and what they do.


Will stop the motor movements immediately and if any outside forces cause the motor to move, the motor will fight back to its original position


At the moment, I do not have any code in the driver control program. Is there any way to implement the lift pause/brake hold during driver control through code or anything else?

here’s something that’s pretty easy to do and might work:

if (controller.buttonR1.pressing()) {
// motor spins lift upwards

else if (controller.buttonR2. pressing()){
// motor spins lift down

else () {
// motor hold

You’ll have to adjust it based on what you need and might need a button to out-take.
Sorry I couldn’t put it in actual V5 text, i’m limited with our schools Chromebooks lol.

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