PC or Mac

which do you prefer, pc or mac? i think pc is awesome but i hate macs:D

I don’t ‘hate’ macs, their just not the best.

If you are Strictly a Computer User, and don’t want to spend you life hostage to Tech Support, I would go with the Mac…

If you want the Broadest Support of Applications and Tools, go with the PC with Linux, BSD or Windows…

lol osx uses the bsd kernel.The only thing they did different is the gui.

i like pcs d macs but there arent as many programs and software for macs

True, but ONLY OS X (10), all the previous version are proprietary…

I use Windows, Macs, and Linux (Ubuntu) all almost daily. Of the three, if I had to choose one for general purpose computing I’d go with Mac (with Ubuntu Linux coming in at a close second). But depending on the needs such as server/web hosting or CAD or video/pictures/graphics/music/creative stuff, I’ll use Linux or Windows or Mac respectively.*

Most people who “hate” Macs do so because either they’ve never used them very much or because they dislike the overly zealous fanboys. While the latter is valid argument (I don’t like the Apple fanboys either; they give Mac users in general a bad reputation.), unless you’ve used a Mac running Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) or newer for about two weeks please don’t say that you “hate” them.

The same goes with for any of the various Linux distros. Don’t say you “hate” it if you’ve only used it for a for less than a day, if at all.

This is the advice I offer for many people:

*]If you have an older computer that isn’t up to the task of running Vista, but you don’t want to get rid of it, partition athe hard drive and install Ubuntu Linux on it. Have fun using Linux for a few weeks, and enjoy using all the free open-source applications like Mozilla Firefox, OpenOffice, and more.

By installing Linux on that older computer, you can easily get years of additional useful life out of that computer.

*]If someone is looking into getting a new computer, and if they don’t really have any Windows-only applications (which more and more is becoming irrelevant in itself due to Parallels Desktop for Mac and companies like EA and Activision (and hopefully Bungie again) coming out with Mac-native games) then I tell them to look into getting a Mac Mini or an iMac.

“Under the hood” Mac OS X is based on the same secure and rock solid BSD UNIX foundation as many Linux distros. But what most people love about Macs are their ease of use and the iLife applications included with every Mac. Nothing on Windows or Linux comes even close to the power of iLife.

The only thing I used to dislike about Mac OS X (from about 1998 until 2006/07) was the lack of new games being developed for it. (Back in the early and mid 1990s, there are a lot of sweet games for Apple computers.) But now EA is releasing all of their popular games (like Need for Speed, Battlefield 2142, etc.) for Mac. Activision is also releasing Guitar Hero 3 for PC and Mac. But since 1 in 6 of all laptop computers sold in the U.S. in 2007 has been an Apple, game developers are looking to make all their popular games available for both PC and Mac now. World of Warcraft, The Sims, Age of Empires 3, Sim City 4, Command and Conquer 3, RollarCoaster Tycoon 3, and more are all available for Mac now.

After years of using Windows, I’ve more or less grown past it. At first it was hard to take the leap from Windows to Linux and Mac, but once I did and really started exploring the two there was no turning back. The more I use Linux and OS X (and even Windows itself), the less I want to continue to use Windows.

  • I’m currently eagerly awaiting the newest version of Mac OS X (Leopard, version 10.5) due later this month. In addition to many of their new features, Leopard is also going to be a fully UNIX compliant operating system, so all UNIX applications will run on it without modification. And since Pro/ENGINEER is available as a UNIX application, I should be able to run Pro/E natively through X11 on Macs now. :cool:

i’ve used macs alot (8 years of school) and i still have absolutely no respect for them (no offence to iMac lovers)
they say they have less popups and crashes but from what i’ve seen they have more, an iMac will freeze all the time, ive had my Vista for over 4 months (atleast) and i have never gotten one of those not responding things (where you have to press Ctrl+Alt+delete to shut it down)

I see schools with some Apple //e still… I would guess that most all the Mac’s you see are pre OSX… Give OSX a hard look… It is bassed on BSD. I use Open BSD myself…

A Mac is a $1700 paper-weight!

I like Macs only for getting chicks. They are cool looking, and chicks dig them! But when it comes down to upgrading a mac, it is just not possible. I love the Mac GUI, and their ingenuity of products but when it comes down to hard core performance it sucks.

If Apple wants to succed they need to sell computers. Not everyone is a Creative, artistic, Bono loving, volvo driving, liberal hippy! Mac needs to get that through their heads, and start selling computers to the people who buy them: the boring people who wear white shirts, stripped ties, grey suits, and are in a cubical all day!

But that is just my opinion.

what planet do you live on? Last time i checked, Macs can run windows. If you’ve actually used a mac for more than 15 seconds, i think you’d actually prefer it more than a PC. plus macs start at 599. get your facts straight, cause only someone who has any brains in what they buy would actually use both macs and pcs and see which one actually is better.

Please chose you words kindly… Your Mac information could have been presented in a less condescending way. :wink: We are ALL here to learn…

I agree with you that Macs have a better GUI and look sweet, and even though they can run windows they do not run it very well at all. In order to run windows on a Mac you must split your hard drive/every system resource in half. So, assuming you have a $599 Mac Mini, running windows would consume your already small/slow computer. That is why I do not like macs.

P.S. I own a Mac, and yes I have used it for more than 15 seconds, and I do not like it.

i take back what i said i like pcs and macs i think macs are alot easier to use and macs you dont have to have a tower and a screen its in one but there is some stuff that macs cant do but there are stuff pcs cant do and macs can the only problom with a mac is that they cost so much you can get a pritty good pc for like 400-600 dollars and most macs cost over 1000 dollars

Mac has much beter designing software, but PCs have better games, so I think ill have to go with PCs because i like to game.:cool:

If you try to find regular Windows PCs with the exact same specs (such as processor, RAM, video card, hard drive, etc.) as a Mac, they are usually practically the same price, plus or minus $100.

Such as the baseline Macbook (at $1099) is the exact same price as a baseline Dell XPS m1330, and is cheaper than a HP Pavilion dv2500t. (All three of these computers are ‘compact’ laptops.) An [upgraded] 20" iMac at $1,499 isn’t that far off from a Dell XPS 210 desktop with the same specs (including a 20" monitor), which costs $1,478 or a HP m8100y Desktop (with 20" monitor), which costs $1,498.

Back in the day [when Macs still used to have PowerPC processors], Macs used to be more expensive than regular Windows PCs, but not anymore.

And if you’re a college student, Apple gives you a $100 discount on Macs, so very often they are actually cheaper for us than equivalent Windows computers.

That’s pretty true. When people refer to using macs, they usually talk about them as paperweights (as an exaggeration) because they are talking about much older ones that don’t even compare to computers now. Sure, most of you love building robots (which is very hard), and when it comes to choosing a computer and operating system to buy, you love working into and around different things. Macs weren’t initially intended for those people. They were intended to people who don’t know any C or coding languages, and just want to have the easiest way to get their work done fast and get on with their lives. If you looked into it, Apple now has an outstanding development platform (that comes with Leopard as an optional install).

And to whoever said that Macs were slow running Vista:

Mac’s biggest problem is that their software people oversimplify any 3rd party software for Mac. For example, MS Office. Office is a good app for anyone, but as soon as it came for Mac, the Mac programmers oversimplified and messed it all up. I hate it. PC’s are great for doing simple tasks as well as things such as CAD, Programming, and other engineering applications, but Macs cannot do any of those very well.

And about the Mac running Vista; Awsome!..To bad it costs almost $3,000.

I would choose Mac without a doubt. It is much simpler and easier than a PC. When I say simpler and easier I mean it just works, I don’t mean that the stuff is dumbed down. When I first plugged my camera into my Mac it put it on the desktop and opened iPhoto. When I plugged it into my PC it told me there was a problem installing the software and it won’t work properly. Not to mention Mac’s can’t get viruses.
Also what do you mean by MS Office sucks for macs. I don’t have it myself but my coworker has it on his MacBook and I think runs better than on Windows machines. For the longest time I liked Macs but still used my Dell, then I bought a mac from a friend and haven’t used my dell since. BTW, macs can run windows programs using fusion and you don’t need to start a windows environment. Boot-camp works great too. Macs also come with Ruby built in so you don’t have to install it.(Which is very nice.) I guess one of the reasons that I don’t like PCs is that I’m the person who fixes the computers at my school. Those get all sorts of problems.


Ok, what do you mean that “Macs can;t get visuses”??? That is totally not true. I know a guy who can hack anything (including Macs). You also say that you do not have MS Office on Mac, buy your friend does. Let me tell you this; until you use MS Office on a PC THEN a Mac. And as I have said earlyer, BOOT CAMP splits your system resources, so you need to pay even more for an overpriced and underpowered computer. Lastly, I feel for you man…Fixing PCs at your school must suck, I am one of those kids who knows all the ins and outs of my school’s network (don’t hack it though – I just help the IT guy out), and your job would probably be easier if you switched to Mac. On the other hand your school could make a few job cuts, and yours might be one of them. Just think of it like that.