PC runs tournament manager and Imac's as monitors...?

I am looking at the layout for 2 field tournament layout with 1 skills field. I see that the main Server Computer runs into a switch. From that switch a Cat5 cable runs into 5 different laptops then to 5 more dislplay (monitors, projectors). Is it possible to wire an Imac since it already has a monitor connected to it from the switch?

Any computer that you can run TM on can host a display for your setup.
We’ve been mentioning in other threads using Raspberry Pis - this document gives an overview of what is needed for that and how to get it running, as well as some layouts that show using those to run fields and drive displays: http://link.roboticseducation.org/eventpartnertrainingtopic_raspberrypi


As @nnolte mentioned you can use any computer OS to run the displays but many of us have switched to Raspberry Pis out of convenience and affordability. DWAB Technology (TM developer) has made many improvements over the past few years where events can be run reliably on a wireless network.

The skills fields can be controlled through TM but it is also very easy to use a V5 brain with the Skills Field Program installed on it.

Scoring can be done at the TM workstation but you will find it much easier to use an Android or IOS tablet at the field.

Below is a layout that I use to host tournaments.


That looks great! That would be ideal to be wireless. We want to host tournaments this year so I am practicing using the software and hardware in my room.

On your diagram where it says computer, are those towers/desktops? I am asking because I have many desktops I can use, but the diagrams I see online are laptops.

Look carefully, the fields are run by rPis in the diagram - the pi connects to the ethernet and in the cases for fields, it has the field control connected to its USB port. In the future the pi can connect to the V5 Brain to do field control instead of the old field control system.

Lots of flexibility with using raspberry pi in tournaments.


We use virtually the same setup, except we (still) don’t trust wireless for the competition fields…so we run ethernet cables from our T/M workstation to the field displays (which run on rPi’s). We have one laptop in our T/M workstation, and we have a desktop in our livestream workstation. Other than that, every other display runs on an rPi .

If you plan on doing lots of tournaments, you might want to look at building a T/M workstation. It’s extra cost up front, but saves lots of setup time. Our T/M’s (we have two, so we can run two events simultaneously) are in ATA cases like what a portable DJ uses, with a projector on top, and all the equipment stays connected together inside. Field controls, switches, and rPi’s are mounted to the backs of the field monitors. Plug in the ATA case, run the cables to each field, and it’s set.


Do you have a pic of your T/M workstation? This sounds like a great idea!

Here’s a paper I wrote last year about how we run our tournaments, and there are some links in the paper with more information about our T/M. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14pf5hWuI99oS1mmF-MPfs9pwcoobzkky/view?usp=sharing

I’m not sure we’ve ever taken a closeup picture of our T/M workstation…and we store them in our “event trailer” so they’re one readily accessible right now.


Thank you for sharing your set-up. It looks great! and it gives me ideas of what I can use and create my own.