PCL glitchyness

attention programers,

were having problems with our plc

it accepts the online code and runs manualy off the computer

but when we down load a code to the plc and go to run it off the remote it doesnt work we have tried everything we can think of

if u have any suggestions please reply to this post.


Can you post the Code that your are using…

Please include both parts of the EasyC project…

It’s not the code we’re using, its the PLC itself. We even tried running the basic, test codes and nothing changed for our predicament. We are afraid we’ll need to replace the PLC itself.


The Vex Inventor’s Guide has no ‘PLC’ listed… by ‘PLC’ are you referring to a Programmable Logic Controller, which would be synonymous with the Vex Controller???

Your sanity check for a Bad Vex Controller, is to re-Download the Master Code (Which is currently Version 7, and for EasyC use the Master ver 7 4easyC® version found the latest release of EasyC v2.x, which is on the Downloads Page) and then re-download the Vex Default Code, and check that the Vex Controller performs like described in the Vex Invertor’s Guide, which would indicate that the Vex Controller is fine… Otherwise, you need to contact VexLabs Right Away to get a replacment (if still under warranty)

Also you can try to download just the EasyC V7 Master Code, but it might be out of date even though it is listed as Ver 7 Master Code.

The version you posted Mark is current. If a new version of master code is released we will rename it.

You might want to add a Link to just the EasyC V7 Master Code on the EasyC 2.x and EasyC Pro pages. Some people might still be on Dial-Up and don’t want to download the Whole EasyC package just to get the V7 Master Code…

Every copy of easyC PRO includes V7 and every copy since the second release of V2 includes V7 master code. We feel if the user doesn’t have v7 with their copy of easyC the should probably update anyways. :wink: