Pdf files for RC modules

I am looking for .pdf files on how to program in RobotC for the remote controllers. I have VEXnet 802.11g gear.
Please do not refer me just to video tutorials. I am 50 years old, and I much prefer something I can print out and read like a pdf file, even if it takes me longer. I am teaching PLTW P.O.E. class, and trying to start a VEX-REC team. I have access to curriculum, and the C-M course material, but it is difficult for me to find what I need, and I never have any time to increase my knowledge. A good link will be O.K.

Thanks in Advance
Marc Wheeler
Harmony Magnet Academy
[email protected]

Hi Marc

I’m not sure we have exactly what you need, most information is only available online these days, however, we do have a user manual in the ROBOTC wiki at the link below, sections could be printed as PDF files. I have attached an example PDF created from the “getting started” section.

Getting Started with the VEX Cortex - Wireless (VEXNet).pdf (765 KB)