Hey everyone, so those of you who are also members of the VEX Teams of the World Facebook group are probably well aware of Since last year was my senior year of high school, some friends of mine and I have decided to start a VEX U team for the upcoming season. Part this endeavor is getting our very own uniforms, since we are no longer part of our high school robotics organizations. Our new organization is called Midwest United Robotics, since we will be operating out of UW Madison and Michigan Tech. We at Midwest United Robotics would very much appreciate it if any of you kind folks could do some of the tasks on our campaign; it doesn’t cost a single penny.
Here’s a link to the campaign
If you have your own campaign or are thinking about starting one, we’d be happy to support you in return. Additionally, you can use our referral code: IRXY-0ARI to get a bonus $25 on both your campaign and ours.
Lastly, we’ll be giving away one free T-Shirt with the MWU Robotics logo if we meet our goal. The only requirement is that you fill out three of the four tasks on our campaign, then we’ll do a random drawing to determine the winner. Thanks for your support guys.

Hey everyone,
We also have started a Pear-up sponsorship.
Any help would be great!
Link to our website

Not sure if you guys know but the Vex forums aren’t the best, if not the worst place, to advertise your sponsorship campaigns. Here’s a bad analogy: it’s like a homeless guy asking another homeless guy for food, it’s not gonna happen. Try to spread your campaigns on other places, like social media, or a school bulliten board, or an office, some place like that.

Pear-up fundraisers work a little differently. Someone does a series of tasks, basically advertising. Pear-up gets paid by other companies and passes on some of that money to the fundraiser. It doesn’t cost us money to support a campaign.

Also most of the effort is creating an account so supporting 5 campaigns isn’t much more tedious than supporting 1.

We’re always glad to support. I’d like for this thread to become a mutual support thread for all pearup campaigns.