Pen looks like a pencil

It was just pointed out to me by a team mate that my pen looks like a pencil. On the design rubric, in the “record of team and project management” category, it says the notebook should be written in ink. Will I be penalized for my oddly gray colored pens? How do judges evaluate if a notebook is written in ink?

You have a pen that looks like pencil when it writes? Does it erase? That guidance is to have books be ledgeable and non erasable. If your pen does that, then in the front of the book, have a block that says that you are using xyz pen to give a style to the book, but it’s ink and is not erasing. Build a pocket on the front and stick one in it. As a judge, I’d test fly it and then have a moral decision around keeping the pen, since I love how HB3 pencils look on paper. You have a purchase link to share?


I bought mine from an office store, but this one on amazon looks to be the same one:


It would be better to show a pen stroke from said pen in question and show a normal pencil stroke next to it