Penalty for intentionally crossing auton line

Are there any specific penalties for intentionally crossing the auton line and scoring the discs on the auton line while touching the other side’s tiles.

I remember someone mentioning a strat last season in tipping point of an auton that intentionally crossed into the opponent alliance zone to steal their mogo and the 6 point auton bonus was not significant enough and they won even by intentionally breaking the auton.

Since auton win is only 10 points and discs in high goal are worth 5, wouldn’t a strat just be to drive along the midline and shoot all those discs into the high goal, and it’d create more than a 10 point deficit.

I assume the head ref would say something about it if it happened multiple times, possibly a dq, but just an idea

Intentional, strategic, or egregious Violations, such as intentional contact with an opposing robot while completely across the Autonomous Line, will be considered Major Violations.

It would be a dq if you intentionally crossed the line.


Oh nevermind, just found the auton section of the manual, it can be considered a major violation