Pencil Sketches

For maximum pointage, I think it’s safe to say that everything in our engineering notebook (including sketches) should be done in pen.

However, as my team’s notebooker, I usually do all of my sketches in pencil. I simply do not trust myself with going over my sketches in pen, as I believe I will mess it up.

If I were to run my pencil sketches through a copy machine and use that in my notebook, would that suffice?

I think this is fine because your sketches will be in ink. There is no ruling against putting sketches in a copy machine in the Judges Guide


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I really like to use pencil so I can erase my mistakes when I notebook but then my team insists that I do it in pen so I do. Is it okay to go over the pencil with pen?

OP, that honestly sounds fine. The point of the ink is to prevent students from removing mistakes, but the pictures should also clearly and neatly communicate the design process. With these two points in mind, I think it’s fine for you to do so, as the picture can’t be erased once it is attached in the journal.


Yes it is legal, but I think it is easier to use a copy machine to print your sketches in ink so there is little error in writing over your only pencil sketch.

Cool! Thanks for letting me know

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Edit: Dont do this it is probably against the rules and could possibly get you dqed if you get caught.

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Key part here for erasable pens is point 3. If the Notebook has been edited, you probably shouldn’t get the Design Award.

I mean, we have taken photos of our whiteboard before and put that in our Engineering Notebook, and won Design at higher competitions. I don’t see how a sketch should be treated any differently.