Pending: dropping cages on goals?

Assuming at everything is attached by a lethal tether, can we drop some sort of cage on top of a goal provided it is only supported by the ground, and all the surfaces touching the goal are concave? Does the legality change if it is supported by the goal itself? Does the legality change if the cage wraps around the goal a little keeping it from being removed, but doesn’t lift the goal off the ground in any way? What about if I drop a cage into a stationary goal?

Keep in mind that your robot can only expand to 48" x 48" x infinite. I don’t think you can tether with a cage…

What if keep the tethers short enough so that the cages cannot move outside of the 24" x 24" size limit?

Might wait for this thread to be answered: . It’ll probably answer your question.

I am pretty certain that a lethal tether would violate <R3>.

Tethers are legal and were used in starstruck.

My team had a similar idea. To my knowledge, it is fully legal.

Tethers were used in starstruck because of the fence dividing the field meaning that Entanglement of any opposing robots was virtually impossible. This year, with an open field, teams that use tether-bots will face a much more rigorous inspection.

Make them wallbots! You can’t entangle a wall!

tether bots have been used in almost every game,theres nothing illegal about them

Doug was making a joke about the typo that resulted in lethal.
Yes, there’s nothing wrong with tethers; presumably they now need to be back by rigid materials again. I don’t really see the point though, with the expansion limit. You’d be dragging your mobile goals around on a leash like a lazy dog.