Pentagon roller question

Some people at worlds last year had intake rollers that were in a pentagon and i was wondering if anyone had some pictures of one that i could look at to get some inspiration.

I believe they were based off of sprockets?

Anything will help

I don’t have any pictures on hand right now… Yes they were based off sprockets usually. Either standoffs or metal was bolted to the sprockets with the mesh wrapped around that. Sort of like this:
O = sprocket

  • | \ = standoff/metal
    m = mesh
    m \ | / m
    m -O- m
    m / | \ m

Really bad representation… hopefully you get the idea and I’m sure a lot of people have real pictures.

Here is an example with 2941A’s robot

Hope that helps!

Thanks both were very helpful!


Here is a bit more detail.

Cheers, Paul

I love the “collar” on the intake.

There was no space for a collar on the inside :smiley:
If I recall correctly the bearing on the inside of that piece of metal was also grinded down to about half thickness at the end to fit the 12T pinion.
For anyone wondering, the zip ties between the roller plates were to stop sacks catching around the edges of the roller, which caused them to be tossed back over the front.

cool thanks