People who use inventor or Fusion 360 for Cad modeling

So I have a model for Fusion 360 for a dr4b and my school uses SolidWorks which does not open .f3d files. I can’t get the library to work so is there anyone who can take the file and send it back as a .stl or a .step file

Here is the google drive link for it:

if you go to the online fusion webpage you can download your model as different types of files (in the fusion 360 application, you should find where it says the version of your model and click on that, and there should be a link to open your model in a web browser. once there you can download as different files.)

if you want, i can upload photos later.

Yeah whenever you can that would be great

I’m just getting started with CAD, so I might not be doing this right, but when I try to open your f3d file in Fusion360 it only displays a couple of basic cylinder shapes. Everything else is listed in the parts browser as “UnresolvedComponent”. It looks like all the parts that are referenced by the drawing are missing.

i got the file from grabcad right here so i have no idea what to do since i got the same thing

here’s a much clearer tutorial video - start at 00:39

I still get the two metal beams so what is the next step if there is any

What you really want is a CAD model of a Vex DR4B in SolidWorks, right? Seems like there should be something like that out there in the native SolidWorks format, although I don’t know where.

Once you have the CAD model, what to you intend on doing with it? Do you want to build a robot by looking at the model? Did you want to be able to make changes to the model in SolidWorks?

Why a DR4B? They are nice, but hard to build without some experience, and there might be other alternatives.

Yeah, essentially what I am asking for is a cad model for the dr4b in SolidWorks and as for it being available to the public online, I haven’t seen anything on my journey.

Once I have the cad model I intend on studying it since it is a lot easier to build once you have a model that you can turn. I also intend on making changes to it so that it helps my team build it.

I chose the dr4b because it has a very high horizontal expansion, I know how to build it I just don’t know how to do cad and can’t even run Solidworks all that well,

fusion file mentioned above gives “external references” error
fusion to solidworks

sketchup file
sketchup to solidworks

step file (downloads immediately)
step to solidworks

I have no idea if these are good. There are more.

solidworks tutorials for VEX

This is amazing thank you very much