Perfect Alliance Partner

I’m just curious, if you could choose a robot to alliance with what abilities would you want it to have.

A reliable robot with lots of driver practice, a quick lift, and a large cube capacity.

We are currently running a scissor lift which can score the 7th Skyrise section. However, our cube efficiency is not quite up to par with our Skyrise performance (we have a vertical claw on the back which can score 2 cubes at a time, similar to the blue alliance robot in the video “First Skyrise Match in China” or something like that, sorry no link), so in my opinion I would love an alliance partner which could score cubes up to max on Skyrise with a tank tread conveyor belt intake. But that’s just me, there may be something better out there that I’m missing.

Also driver skill. Great robots are useless if the driver can’t accomplish what needs to be done.