Personal Vex Team Quotes

“That sounds like a mechanical problem.” From me, the programmer, really not wanting to deal with stuff.


“So, the autonomous works. On a fluke. Consistently. So have fun recreating that for the other side, [programmer].”


Me: Ok we have some semi-working autons
Friend: Don’t use them.
Me: Fine.
Get killed at tournament have one match left
Me: Can I run a fun auton now?
Friend: Uh yeah sure.


“This is a bad idea, but I’m doing it anyway.”

-Me on countless occasions. Most recently, I think, was in an elimination match where our smaller, more consistent autonomous code would only tie us with the opposing alliance at best, and we needed those 6 points to have a chance. (We were stuck carrying.)

“Is it too late to change?” -Me while waiting for that aforementioned match to happen. We won auton (yay!), then lost the match (Boo!) by a closer margin (yay!) than we expected from two strong teams opposing us.


@Logan10622D and I did a bet for 20 bearing flats. The bet was, if he could get a girlfriend tonight, he won it. Needless to say, he pulled out his phone with a text already up asking someone and they said yes…


Ngl I haven’t been on here in a while and oh boy do I feel like my brain has shrunk more than ever before.


" wait u can only use 8 motors i thought u could use 20 "


Whenever our bot isn’t working
“At least we’re not Detroit”

(Sorry if this offends any team from Cleveland or Detroit)

what does this have to do with vex??


also this is 48 seconds of my life i will never get back

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Absaloutly nothing :slight_smile:

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I guess Barney really hates being a robotics team

(Coach’s Quotes)

“Why is there a flying lawnmower on every computer in the lab?”
“Mr. Tian, I feel that every week, you consciously ask yourself the question, 'what is the most inappropriate thing I can say to Mr. R every week?” (Not sharing the joke that warranted that response)

A longer joke

A month or two ago someone was putting blue pharmaceutical stickers labelled ‘for rectal use only’ on a lot of stuff. While the nature of this prankster (who was never found) wa sinnocent, the stickers left behind a lot of sticky stuff on whatever surface they were applied on. Both of the club’s coaches gave the entire club a warning on the destructive actions of this prankster. Later, one of the coaches went around interrogating individual team members and someone said something I’ll never forget -
“Mr. R, its not a problem anymore! I ran out of blue stickers so I think we’re all good now.”


I feel like this quote encompasses a lot of things, and also this was meant to be “a fun little thread” and now has 1000+ posts


But we never do get our robots on by 4 :smiley:


Did someone say quote dump?
(someone took our main domain rip)

Me when the bot stops working:
“There’s always next year.”
We’re seniors btw.

“Measure once, cut twice”
When we do something not intelligently: “E moment” @prathusa
“team :clap: dynamic :clap:
“Why be good at only one thing when you can be useless at two things?”
“If you win this competition, I will eat my own shoe,” says our coach to another one of our teams. (They won. Mr. R owes us a shoe now.)


“Hammer until it works”


“Anything can be fixed with zip ties and duct tape”

“It’s just some ‘kinetic testing’” (testing how sturdy something is built in unconventional ways)

“Take the jigsaw to the brain/cortex, that will solve your problem.”


“Use the zip ties, they’re stronger than steel.”

“If anything can go wrong, it will” (Our team slogan during the competition)

“Why does everything keep falling apart”(When you use the old axle collars and it unscrews itself during the competition)

“We’ll fix it later!”


And one more I forgot about

“Using that degree from Norte Dame.” (Our Coach graduated from there and we say this when he helps guide our stupidity)