Personal Vex Team Quotes

Interchanging flat bearing and bearing flat
“This is a non-contact sport”
“Are you sure you’re not sitting on it”


“I need to go drink my milk, be right back”
“NO!!! My bagel shattered!”
“Ok google, who is Gloria Borger?”
“can we really deploy into our nuts?”
“you only need 6√2 feet of wallbot”


“How are we going to jold this part on… duct tape and rubberbands”
“Lee did it”

Story behind each:
Our B team driver brian had his entire bot held together by rubberbands.

One day we were practicing driving and one of our captains, lee, hulk flipped the mat and the tape ripped so we had no idea where each mat went so we started re taping and labeling the mats. Our mentor walked in and asked what happend and thus came the quote. Now lee is the scapegoat for every goofy mistake that happens.

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Anything goes wrong…

Real life: just use duck tape
Vex: just use zip ties


Please explain? This quote sounds very familiar to me…

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The second story was on thst quote

My teammate going to put his bag in the locker

Me: I thought someone stole your lock
Teammate: Yeah someone did
Me: Then why are you putting stuff in your locker?
Teammate: Oh I just use zip ties to lock it
Me: …


My teammate eating pizza, but tries to swallow an entire slice and starts choking.
Teammate: “did you deploy our wallbot in your esophagus again?”


When I was working today I had some brilliant idea that involved screwing a 2 inch screw to my chassis, and I managed to get it 80% screwed in before I realized that the screw was stripped beyond use… so now unfortunately we have a 2 inch screw hanging off out chassis. Later my team came over to help build, and they noticed the screw.
Teammate “whats that screw doing there?”
Me “I really want to take it off”
Teammate “then take it off”
Me “its not going to be taken off”
Teammate “what? But you wanted to”
Me “no, you don’t understand… its not going to be taken off”
Teammate attempts to unscrew dangling screw. Realizes its stripped.
Other teammate walks in
Teammate “hey, go get us one of those circle drive screwdrivers”


“Torque = (mc^2)^2”
“hot lips”
“The incident”
“Lenny the pinata”

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“Rambo commando!!! Rambo commando!”

So This will be my 3rd year in robotics this year, but last year (My second year), we had a bunch more kids join the robotics program. Even though we were not what you call extremely experienced, we did not like the new kids because we had to teach them EVERYTHING. Well anyway we had this huge joke throughout the year and we teased the newbies so badly :joy: (I feel bad now). Well anyway they could never seem to get the names of parts and tools right so our teams biggest quote was:


Another quote from our team was:
¨Fat Allen please. Not the Skinny One.¨ (Talking about Allen wrenches)

As I have already said, last year we thought we were amazing and knew everything. Why? We went to our first competition with a clawbot and did pretty good. If you would like to see the video of our team (First Year) and other teams in our area here it is:

0:50 and 2:55 in the video is us our first time at comp 2 school years ago. We got 23rd Place not bad for us :joy: funny story about our team name Team 404 I will post later. Thanks for reading!


making a presentation
“He said we can’t put any stupid pictures or memes”
“But those are the only photos we have!”


the partial field in my room was completely submerged in vex parts yesterday.
teammate: “how are we going to make an auton?”
me: “just like on any other field, but slightly smaller”
teammate: “wait…”
teammate digs a hole in the vex parts, exposing a small portion of tile.
teammate: “woah look we have a field!”


Every time I build something and it doesn’t work:
“There may have been some technical oversights…”

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“THIS BOT IS A PIECE OF JUNK” (In all fairness this was the 6th time our robot timed out during a match)
“What have you done to my code”
“If we win this match I get a Sprite”
“no no no no no No No No NONONONONONONONONO” (My friend recorded audio of me freaking out after activated the wrong autonomous)
“I said Sprite, not light”


Don’t forget my favorite quote: Give the dollar to Andrew, he’s poor.

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“Is that motor controller meant to be on fire?”
Followed by the magic smoke escaping from the MC29.


You know when it’s screwed in when you hear the sound.


Why are these screws stripped?
It’s for security.


“You got any food?”
“We’re about to get clapped into vex IQ”