Personal Vex Team Quotes




“Hey, we are out of size”
“Don’t worry, I got this.”
proceeds to file through multiple axles and a little bit of motor to fit in size IN THE INSPECTION line
comes back to table
“Hey guys, we passed inspection”
“I thought we had to dremmel those axles?”
“Don’t worry, we filed through it.”

My favorite one:
“Shut up, Jordan”


stays up late the night before a tournament working on bot, still end up doing notebook, programming, and wiring on the bus ride there
to top it all off, we ended up not even using that robot


Our team jokes about Schrodinger’s allen wrench, which randomly changes from motor screw to regular screw sized every time you pick it up.


Measures robot, notices we’re a millimeter off from being too big
Me: Are you su-
Teammate: Miles dude, we’re miles in size.


“If something falls off and nothing major breaks. Call it a win and fix it later.”


screw or shaft collar falls deep inside the robot
“Don’t worry It’ll fall out during a match”


“wait, why are the quaderature encoders unplugged?”
“We don’t need them. The autonomous doesn’t work with them” (even when I have the motors set to zero b4 each match)


My team’s favorite quote: “just fix it in code”


@theLordChipsBuilder I think has that in his bio


I think lots of people have it in their signatures too


The robot flipped again!
Where is Joe?
Ava, stop writing on the whiteboard!
Steve stole my shoe!
Ashna, stop making Steve do donuts!
Chole, my hand isn’t paper.


“spell eye”
“use it in a sentence”
“I poked myself in the eye”


See above to understand what I have for kids on our team. lol


By this time in a comp. Ben would be yelling now! What’s wrong with him?


“Our robot name is Slingshot because a slingshot killed Goliath”-EthanK


teammate whaps 2 c-channels together
me: “what are you doing?”
teammate: “it’s how a stapler works”
me: -_-


If that was how it works the world would be a better place


he also bends screwdrivers into allen wrenches. and uses the vice to crush things. and built a circular saw 100% with vex parts. he made a super high speed, high strength gear box, with 15 motors. then he drilled holes in these metal sprocket things from iq and attached it to the gearbox. it can cut through wood like butter.


That is actually kinda cool