Personal Vex Team Quotes

As a middle school team captain was showing his robot to Pigpen (also middle school at the time) Zach asked, “does it always sound like that?” speaking of the internal gear grinding in the worn our 393 motors. Dakota responded “It does that.”

That quote, along with “Vex Quality” made it on our team shirts for Worlds.

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“Let’s build a tank”

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wafer bars do slap tho

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“Pass me the nuts”
“Its nylocks, not nuts”
“Shut up”


Teamate: i have a new meta ‘holding a disk’
Misses the goal by 6 inches
Teamate: ignore that

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20 characters

“nut” driver :smirk: (20 char)

Why is this conversation getting weird?

dont ask its not my fault people call nylocks nuts

Ahem nylon lock nuts

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Some form of this came up at least once a meeting during my robotics time:
“Just don’t kill each other”

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Here’s another one:
Our team: ok guys we have to get this crap ton amount done today or we can’t compete next week
Guy on the sister team: Anybody want to play some Halo?
Our team: …we got time

I think it’s a personal quote for most teams, but I thought it went incredibly hard:


“I like keps nuts better”
“If it falls off we can add lock nuts then”

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Thats our new team t-shirts, but my dad bought one just to see how it looked. Also our Quote is Dedication X Discipline= Everything is Earned.

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“If we’re gonna do an 8 motor drive, might as well make it a swerve drive”


That reminds me, I (in the capacity of the team captain) often say to the freshman “Just don’t kill each other in the robotics room, do that outside if you really want to, I don’t want school admin to shut down robotics.”

I know it’s dark humor if you know the recent history of my school


(walking back from the room with freshly cut parts )

Sister teammate A: Don’t worry guys, sister teammate B and I used protection this time

intense silence

Sister Teammate A: wait nonononono-


me getting the rachet screwdrive first, thankgod i can finally build fast, -senior team member swipes it from me. darn

why is our rachet not racheting