Personal Vex Team Quotes


The sum of all natural number is apparently -1/12, so anything’s possible.


“Your match is up right now! You still have to add on a motor on the lift!”

Proceeds to duct tape a motor onto the lift

Afterwards: “Agree to say that that never happened?”


“When in doubt, divide by 2”


That sounds like a really bad strategy for passing a math test.


“If someones playing defense just turn them into a mobile goal and throw them into the 20”


Oh my god…


This is actually my favorite one.


“X-TREME” (4004X)
“Y-NOT” (4004Y)
“How do you turn the robot on?”
“Coach, we forgot the batteries!” (After arriving at the tournament an hours drive away)
“I’ll DQ you if you get that crap on my mat again!” (ref got mad at us for canned air spray)
Just a few


lift makes horrible screeching and crackling noises and shoots straight down out while lifting a cone
Carter: “That may be a slight problem”
lift motor overheats and the ptc doesn’t be a ptc while testing
Carter: “OOOH THE M A G I C S M O K E


works for getting the binary number


Me: Accidentally drops a part into the robot
Teammate: Another screw to be lost in the abyss.


Me: Hey, Jocelyn, Steve’s almost as tall as you!

Jocelyn: -_-

Me: Why is there a screwdriver taped to the bottom of the table?

Ashna: Reasons.


one of the axles for our 5 wheeled clawbot was bent at the start of a qualifying match at nationals
Tm 2: lets just replace the axle
Tm 1: sure, go get parts
~while tm 2 is away~
Tm 1: ~removes another wheel so its a 3 wheeled bot, 2 forward facing and one side back omni~
Tm 1: we are ready ref
Tm 2:~returns~ i got the parts
Ref: red wins auton
Tm 2: ummm, what happened? why did we start?


Teammate: “Drive forward.”
Me: “WHERE?”


“it’s fine”


Inhale the memes, exhale the memes
Inject the memes into my bloodstream


Me during our last match during state against a fairly decent team yelling at full screech: “Drop the mg and block… you need to… ** Y O U N E E D T O D R O P T H E M O B I L E G O A L A N D B L O C K I F Y O U W A N T T O W I N **”


This happened at our last competition (GA state championship)
(Our rollers are always on when the robot is on)
Programmer: The sound of the rollers being on while I program (he was fixing autonomous) is annoying me
unplugs rollers
Me: whatever as long as we don’t forget to plug them in before the next match
*Next match:*Auton starts and the robot drops the cone when its not supposed to
Me: Oh no…
Driver control starts, and the rollers are unplugged, so I can’t score
End up winning the match anyways though


that advanced bug was a feature to scare the opponent.


Lol I remember that match… Great job on getting selected for elims!