Personal Vex Team Quotes


"You guys are like chickens


“YOu ** *E G G * ** must you mess with my ** P R O G R A M… REEEEEEEE **”


favorite quotes from our last tournament this season:
“Wait, we won? How…?”
“Do we still have to tip the pizza guy if he’s an hour late?”
“You do know it is possible for a motor controller to catch fire, right?”
“…where’s the robot”


“Next year we won’t use any screws. Zip ties will be the back bone of our robot”




“This battery must be charged since its super hot!”

starts driving

battery dead


A few from this season:

To field reset people at a regional tournament in the finals
“Hey the mobile goals are supposed to be on the other side”

“It’s a later problem”

“Horses” (Don’t ask)

“His mom is you!” (also don’t ask)

“Blame ___. It’s always ___'s fault” (Insert anyone on the team’s name)

Right before we won sportsmanship at state
“Lol wouldn’t it be hilarious if we won sportsmanship?”

Builders: “It’s in the wiring!”
Wire managers: “It’s in the coding!”
Coders: “It’s in build quality!”
(Repeat cycle until the season’s over)

“Vroom vroom?”
“Vroom vroom.”

“Frickin Freshman” - every nonfreshman when something goes wrong

-2496Y 2017-2018 In the Zone


“Where’s the thick screwdriver?” (3/32)


Give me the a l o o m i n u m s


As soon as we plug in the download cable for auton:

“Where’s the ding dang VEX Net Key?!”

“Our robot smells like Baskin Robins…”

Programmer to team at start of the season- “I need at least 2 uninterrupted meetings with a functional robot and two build people to get you a good auton”
Programmer to team during first competition- “WHY AM I PROGRAMMING BETWEEN MATCHES”


dont worry about it, leave it for programmers


At one competition at starstruck I couldn’t find my goggles for a match so I had to wear my teammates prescription glasses and without him he kept point at other robots and saying “why aren’t you getting that cube?!”


LOL these posts are great.

My favorites:
Zach: Why don’t we gear the front wheels speed and the back ones torque?
Aeden: It started to be able to could.
Cameron: And by infinite I mean two.
Manas: We didn’t want to fix the autonomous because we were playing Mario Cart.
Me: By self modifying code I mean the robot drove onto the computer and typed new commands.
Kale: Ooo can see?


What my captain and programmer said last year when our auton failed: “Take what you can get.”

And my personal favorite when my team this year (all seniors) are complaining about being busy with college apps: “Wesley can handle it”, “Leave it to Wesley”, etc.


“If your autonomous works more than half the time, then it is not scoring enough points”




“If this number works I’m naming my first born child 84.”



And recently

“Is the field in spec?”


One of my teammates made a great quote for himself:
Me: question about how do do something
Him: “With tact and finesse


“[team members name] chairs are not transportation devices” (our mentor has chairs the roll and does not like it when we roll around in them)

“Guys we have a problem… balls roll”

“Is the robot done yet? no”

“Team member A:What are you doing?
Team member B: Brainstorming
Team member A: Is it in the notebook?
Team member B: Its in my head”

“I cant get the spacer in”

“Inventor crashed and I did not save my work”

“Its [my name] fault”