Personal Vex Team Quotes


Programmer: Will this work?
Builder: Yeah, It will work…In theory.


See’s problem with code, fixes it. turns on robot and starts driving and proceeds to shout “Why isn’t it working!” before realizing I didn’t download the new program to robot.

I can’t say how many times I have done this lol.


"Why is there popcorn in the fruitloops box?


Our team will randomly start singing "oh where is my hex key, oh where oh where is my hex key.

Probably our best one:
Just get me the doughnut adjuster.




We have a bucket of random parts we named ROB for Random Object Bucket. We used that specifically for our RSM, Rob Smith.


“Why is the chassis flexing on us?”
“Where’s the thin-handled wrench?”
“Whose [insert common fountain drink] is this?”


“Where is Suzanne”(Suzanne is our drill)


“Stop putting the 5/8 inch screws in the 3.4-inch compartment!” (We have a divider bin for our screws)
“How long does it take to scroll to the end of this thread!?”


my teammate is tightening screws, doesn’t realize I’m in the robotics room, and I catch him singing
“don’t worry… about chad. no worries, about chad. don’t worry… about chad”- catches me filming him.


We had special anti strip alen keys and they were purple and green.

When ever our main builder needed one he would yell, “PURPLE, PURPLE, PURPLE!!! PURPLE NOW!!!”
Fun times.

Also Same guy when asked how to do something he would say, " You don’t. That’s dumb do [random obscure method of robotics]." then when you did it he would tell you that you were dumb for thinking of that.


Yelling “Rob Smith the Scottish wizard of vex”
if your in ohio you will know what it means.

Me “Ziptie it” everyone else “STOP!” Panicked screming and a random person saying “this is why we keep loosing.”

“Hay we did beater than our b team for once”
17 seat B team 35th
they get pick and we dont.
Happens every other tournament

Someone plays contry roads at kalahari all 500 people vex kid in the hall starts singing

I thought it needed to be posted here because if you play it 90% of people will start singing and ower team dose every time.


On the way to a competition: “HEY ITS JOHN DEERE AMEN BROTHER”

“Collin I am not calling you daddy”

Senior talking to the freshman team (my team): “Your cap flipper isn’t gonna work it won’t be able to flip it”
he puts the cap on it and it flips the cap beautifully “Okay um”

“Just in case if someone *insert any relevant meme here like level 1 crook, monsTAAH, etc. * , call 911 or 9/11” (written on our whiteboard)

Not a quote but we always have the sub counts for Pewdiepie and T-Series up on someone’s monitor

This post was made by the sole girl on the robotics team. Yeah.


“If checklists are good enough for NASA, they’re good enough for you,” for every time someone forgets to bring a battery to a field I’m reffing at as we wait for someone to sprint to their pits.


Team mate A: “The cortex is smoking what do we do?”
Team mate B: “Unplug everything”
Team mate A: starts unplugging the motors
Team mate B: “No the battery”


This is golden.

We had this quote up on the board for a while: “Winners win, losers lose, VEX ball”


Me - “Why is there an unchained sprocket on that axle?”
Teammate - “It’s a spacer”

//Coded By Devin Gang


Here is what i have said:
Just Do It.
I don’t care
Here is something my team mate has said
Hey (Name),Why isn’t the shaft secured, (5 seconds later), Oh, It doesn’t have a shaft collar.
We also had a chair problem.


“It’s a coding error” -Everyone


“It looks like they have a sideways scissor lift”
(it was a 6 bar)