Personal Vex Team Quotes


“We are ABSOLUTELY NOT naming the robot ‘Bob’”
-Me yesterday


“I turned it on, right?”


“what did you get done today”
“we got a nylock off a 2-inch screw”
“is that all?”


There are good memes
There are bad memes


Why has god abandoned us
Smoke the memes
Snort the memes
Take the memes until you OD
If you borrow my memes then you owe me
A new fresh pair of memes


“Welp, there goes our wheel.”
-PA States, Starstruck


At our last tournament, one of our teams was caught completely by surprise when they ended up being the 15 seed alliance captain. The student went up and they asked who he would select. After a little time past, he looked around and said “The one in the red shirt.” thus giving evidence that 16 alliances may be too many.


other teams complaining about being pushed and ways to counteract defense
Me- “guys it’s simple, you don’t get pushed if you are the one pushing”


I just use a steel chassis. You don’t get pushed if you can’t move.


“When do we get V5”

Two months later…

“When do we get V5?


Check the french fry! (The name for our scooping intake.)
Allianece partner: No, our autonomous won’t run into you.
Four seconds later: Wham, they crash into us and we lose the match by one.


When we are building and I drop a normal screw:
Teamate: “THIS IS A MOTOR SCREW” (picks up motor screw off ground.)
Me: “Calm down. It’s not a big deal. I am holding both screws in my hand.”
Teamate: “NO!!! THIS. IS. A. MOTOR. SCREW!!!”
Coach: ”Let it go…”


Can you get me two normal people screws and 3 midget screws.


Our team loves to have fun with the referees in our area in situations such as:

Me: “Hey Billy, how many times to we have to hit Ali to get disqualified?”

Billy B. The zebra referee: “For every shot that hits her in the face I will give you a high five.”

(Nearby) Ali B. The color co-ordinated emcee “I swear to god Billy if you let them shoot me I will make sure the ball finds it’s way to your head.”

Our 3rd match of the day Ball flies over net and hits Ali


(Me during drivers meeting) “If my robot can fly is it considered out side of the expansion limit?’


I am totally going to use this! (So long as the event atmosphere is right, and we’re not way behind schedule.)


As told to me by referees:
“I am old enough to be your grandma you won’t argue with me”
“ If you step on the line I will step on you”
“ your robot looks like it is over 18 inches”
“ in the past 3 years i have judged over 10 qualifying events,3 regional championships,and two state championships all this year, don’t question my scoring.”


“Zoinks Scoobs.”


“wHeN dO wE gEt v5”
“Lemme call again”
“It’s on it’s way”

These were all said countless times during the summer by all 574 teams :frowning:


Ouch. I hope you got it!


You realize you don’t use motor screws for smart motors…
Well I just used them on all of my mountings…

Oh dear