Personal Vex Team Quotes


We got it right before our first comp


“Hey, [Mentor], Imagine if V5 comes the day before we leave for Hilo”
-me, two weeks before we receive V5 hours before we leave for the airport.


“Dude…it’s that bear

  • my teammate, after finding a picture of a thicc bear and ROFL-ing about it for not particular reason in the hotel room the night before our first comp. That bear is now our team mascot.


“Jank is dank”, as well as trying to justify things that aren’t sandwiches as sandwiches


If a human is a sandwich, then so is a donut. I’m sure Skyler would agree with me.


We got ours last week before our last competition.


“I don’t like disqualifying people, so it will just be a replay”


“DQ’d For aggression”


Little bit of backstory: At our first competition we made it to the finals with a partner whose ball launcher wasn’t always accurate (which was to be expected since it was the first comp), so I naturally took that 50/50 chance of it working (and it did, for the most part). Then our driver, who is a bit of a nutcase, got angry when their ball shooter was inaccurate. This conversation happened today at practice.

talking about skills standings and I casually mention how we’re 28th heh
“Well if insert team number here hadn’t screwed us over with their autonomous-”
“They’re 4th in our state for skills”
“YEAH, but their autonomous didn’t work!!!”


Well did you use the dog’s bar of soap


Teamate: “Upload the code!”
Me: “There is an error I need to fix”
Teamate: “You can do that some other time, we need to practice!”


Me: “Just so you all know, I hate you all except for you, Carter.”
Carter: : O

Me: Accidentally lifts cap on top of our bot in a match
Other team: Tries to get it off
Me: “NO!, my hat” >: (
Me: Drives away quickly


humans are just jelly filled donuts.


its nice to see my thread from years ago is still in use today


“Why don’t we just shoot balls at the driver after we have majority flags?”

Auton isn’t working properly, other robots for match setting up. programmer downloads new code
programmer: “okay i just made it shoot one ball”
auton runs: has runs straight across the autonomous line
programmer: “[insert swear], forgot to comment that out”


I have a teammate who records her favourite quotes on a google presentation throughout the year. Here are some of my favourites from the ITZ season:

“He’s intellectually a genius but, socially… he can not talk.”
“When it comes to coding, you bang your head against the code until it works.”
“I’m an official genius, y’all”
“I treat it [VEX inspiration award] like my girlfriend, although I don’t actually have a girlfriend”
“We shouldn’t keep illegal materials around, ‘cause we’ll be tempted.”
“I’m a bad boy.”
“Social interaction is discouraged.”
“Sideways friction.”
“Good part is that I’m still alive, bad part is take everything else.”


Programmer: Vex has taken a lot from apple. It’s expensive, and doesn’t work right most of the time.


“If they had trophies for semifinals, we could melt them all down and build another robot.”
“The devil sensor” (this is referring to an encoder that we couldn’t get to work and left on our robot which one of my teammates think is cursed)
“go timmy go! go timmy go! No timmy no!” (timmy is what we call our robot)
“can’t wait for V5” (said by me every time we lose a match because we are using cortex)
“senior goals. Make a vertical octogon with wheels on every side and roll around the field”


A picture is worth a thousand words.


Builder: “Can you run the auton?”
Programmer: “What auton?”

Everyday problems :joy: