Personal Vex Team Quotes


(In an interview with judges)

“By the way, it’s zero emissions”


Are you sure about that?


My team has this problem when we start to build a new design and there is a problem that will arrive soon, I always say one sentence.
“we will fix that when we need to.”


“What are you doing on a Friday night… building robots”


This one is a bit more of a programming quote.
“Once it starts working, don’t touch it”

This one is more of a building quote.
“Always build it the right way the first time.”

And this is a competition-is-next-week-and-we-decided-to-start-over-from-scratch quote
“Let’s get this bread.”


Correction: if nothing goes wrong you’re doing it wrong


Person A: We didn’t code the robot to catch on fire, right?
Person B: …
Person B: what did you do
Person A: just asking


“Hand me the thin/thicc boi.”

“Are you sure it won’t cross the line this time?” crosses anyways


“who is ready for the north korean summit?”
“was it the code?
its the code”
“sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet sweeeeeeeeeeeeet victory”
“ShOeS iN tHe field”
“would you like a pre inspection?”
“send him to the sausage realm”
“please rise and extend your elbow”


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results…
“A Cap Bot and a Ball Bot will win Googl-”
Two Ball Bots Win Google
“A Cap Bot and a Ball Bot will win stat-”
Two Ball Bots Win States
“You just had bad luck”
“A cap Bot and a Ball Bot will win worl-”
Realizes we didn’t qualify
“Well, I mean…”
“We all know you would dominate as a cap bot at worlds, right?”


wait, you didn’t qualify? I feel bad. You had my favorite robot front he season. Descorers too much in Texas? They knew too much about you and knew they had to keep up with descoring?


Poor timing on our other coder’s part.
Builders: talking about thots, when someone says “Thottimus Prime”
Nathan: “Where’s Cassandra?”
Everyone: busts out laughing
Cassandra: looks offended
Nathan: “oops”


We are in the semi finals about to qualify for states.
“What does their autonomous do?”
“Individually or together?”
“It his all high flags, gets four caps, hits one low flag, and gets alliance platform.”
“so what you are saying is we almost automatically loose?”


“That’s the battery” for anything that doesn’t work properly, especially during autonomous… lol
"Yep… 8 weeks delivery… "
And finally “F***** radio! We lost connection AGAIN!”


“hey, the batteries are in the box, right?
Umm, shouldn’t they be in yours?”

“Our robot can flip platforms, shoot caps, and put flags on poles”

Just. Baby Shark. On. Repeat.


whenever we have a new team member and we’re teaching them about vex:

new member: one question.

us: what is it?

new member: well, see if the screws are circular…

us: yes…

new member: and the shafts rotate circularly

us: yes…

new member: and everything you put through the holes are circular…

us: go on…

new member: then why are the holes square?

us: (pats teammates back) it is what it is buddy, it is what it is…


You know we once got a C-channel that made it through the factory with a single circular hole. We have little to no idea how that came to be, unless Vex predrills their square holes with circular ones.


it better be in a trophy case somewhere.

my guess is that the vex gnomes that handcraft the vex parts were being commanded to make some c channels, but one gnome tried to fight back by making circular holes. unfortunately, it appears that they caught him after only making one hole, but not before the c-channel was lost among the thousands of others.


“Bank on the jank”
“How did you manage to not pack anything in 2 hours?”


“Thats jank and a half”
“I think we can make it tighter…”
“You better not be on discord”
“This is sketchy… our whole ROBOT is sketchy!”