Personal Vex Team Quotes


Teammate: I finished the four bar with a 7:1 lift ratio
Me: you mean 1:7 right… cause that’s what I said
Teammate: yeah, same thing right?
Me: umm, which gear is on the motor shaft…?
Teammate: the 84 tooth…
Me: …


If nothing goes wrong it is not robotics


“Trying is for tryhards”
“Good Enough”
“We don’t need a pid on the lift, right?”


The majority of my classmates throughout the day: “VEX is not a sport!”


same, when you do nothing else


@robotguy you DON’T do anything else, at least do golf. It technically is a sport.


“Grab me the 7 gear”




My TL last year make his own names for 90% of the parts in roboics


robotguy and I have and always will be our own team leaders


This thread is now long enough that this is probably up there somewhere, but in case it isn’t I’ll offer the single comment I’ve heard the most often as a mentor:



“What/why are you doing that?”

me: "Why did you use steel for that?
them: “for strength”


“We may be a toaster, but we will be the highest quality grade A toaster with all organic butter on top”


freshman teammate is trying to build rd4b: “why isn’t it working like a joint?”
Senior: looks at it [disappointed silence]
Senior: that’s because when there’s 2 nylocks right next to each other they don’t turn
Freshman: oh. Oh.


“Hand me the nylock with the octopus thingy”
“The WHAT?!”


every other week, “hey, you want to try a dr4b? sure.” 3 days later “So this is what we’re gonna do for our chainbar…”


“I think I found a way to do a Goliath intake with 1 motor”


i mean, you could do it with a bunch a gears. maybe impractical but definitely doable

sometimes my mouth spouts bs and hopes it’s right


If you are not doing a “Goliath” intake with one motor, you are obviously doing something wrong.


“Wait. Where did this come from?” “eh its not important”