Personal Vex Team Quotes


Builds a mogo only robot with an 8 motor high speed chassis

“Here at 929S, we don’t push the limits of ourselves and our robot, but the limits of the other robots, by pushing and damaging them excessively!”


Should’ve had an 8m torque geared 2:1 for speed, like 109A’s meme bot. It would push other bots like toys…


I would’ve changed the ratio but it seems to be doing its job just fine

Also my build quality is questionable so I wasn’t quite sure if anything past HS would stall so :confused:


“If the batteries are hot they are good” - my TL


“What’s the difference between a Double reverse four bar, a DR4B, and a RD4B?” - My programmer in August


Finds a part in the field after practice: well, it’s time to play the game called “where did this come from and is it important”


Your signature has basically became EHS’s catchphrase when our parts fall off


our #1 motto is “fail less”


and if a bolt falls off even if I haven’t been on that side of the field everyone assumes it came from my robot


“Guys we have a problem” - my team leader every 5 seconds
“Yeah this should work” - famous last words


“Hey guys… this [insert crucial subsystem] doesn’t fit!”


“Our robot is just a little outside the sizing box, It’ll be fine.” -Me everyday since we haven’t figured out how to make our rollers fit inside the size requirements


I guess it is angle grinder time!


use a belt grinder. that way you can just grind the whole robot at once, disintegrating everything that gets in the way until the robot is smaller than 18" x 18" x 18"


Better yet, one of those huge industrial CNC routers. You can program it to make a perfect 17.9999 inch square out of your robot.


My work has an industrial plasma cutter, it isn’t as accurate but we are actually using it for a secret idea


Just before a match:
“Is the autonomous ready?”
“I don’t know, I just made some tweaks”


Just after autonomous starts:
“Did you click the right autonomous?”
“I forgot to click the button”


Teammate #1: “ half the robot is broken”
Teammate #2: “ it’s fine, just let me pick up cones”


I didn’t realize the Physical Education teacher was also the Robotics advisor