Petition to add vex weights

For counterbalancing and other things Vex needs to add weights that screw on robots. Comment your opinion I guess, I’ve been wanting vex weights for years.


Found it:


Also, this should be new product ideas.


My team just boxed 2 -channels together and filled them with nylocks (shaft collars would have been better but we had more excess nylocks than shaft collars). Each weight weighed ~1 lbs and helped our robot from tipping. If you cannot do that, just some stacked plated or wheels can work wonders. Also try to play around with your electronics placement as that it an easy way to adjust your robot’s center of mass.


Another good one is steel rails.

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my favorite is bolting like 20 plates together to make a block


High strength shafts


My team is using stacked steel plates along the wheel plate.

Wouldn’t moving the wheelbase around and doing a better job of building around the desired center of gravity / center of mass work better? I’m thinking of all the planes that have giant weights at the back. C-Channel filled with high strength axles has about the best density otherwise. But moving all that weigh around makes the robot slower.

Some robot competitions limit the amount of weight so you see teams drilling holes the three days before ship.


High strength shafts are going to have the highest possible density with vex parts.

But like @Foster said, counterweights should be the solution only after you’ve done all you can to have a good center of mass. Even anti-tip bars can be preferable to counterweights depending on the circumstances.


Yes, those who have the luxury of time should probably redesign; but when you don’t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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You always have time to redesign. Hopefull it’s not at the regional champs when you flunk inspection (we ran inspection today with the new 36" diagonal rules and made many unhappy roboteers. )

Foster’s rule of Done: Your robot is mechanically and progmatically complete 3 minutes after the last match of the season. I’ve seen robot teams take a timeout in semi and in finals to make some pretty drastic changes to the robot. You always have time to make it better. Just make sure you don’t use that time to make it worse.


you only know after the comp if its better or worse so just hope that it works

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Last year we saw a clawbot get away with attaching 5lb bench plates with zip ties. Obviously wasn’t legal but eh didn’t really care.


But it’s a non-functional decoration referee! I swear!


I can’t tell if you’re being serious (sorry text over the internet sux) but won’t you run into stuff like




Yeah, but my guess is that if you are having to drastically change your robot during the tournament, your auton probably wasn’t that great anyway.


Please quote the specific rule in the Game Manual they were violating.

I am a not sure what you are referring to as “Bench Plates”. If this was an assembly of VEX structural parts, I see no problem. If a non-VEX structure component, then the question lies if it was decoration or functional. On the latter point, what contributed to scoring advantage?

Too little information in your response

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You can’t get away with putting literally weights on your robot… :joy: Good luck explaining how it’s non-functional.

And R6 / R13.

and it was just a google search away you know.


Except for the molten tungsten I cast to look like a regular c-channel!

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