Petition to remove drivers box in VEX IQ

With everything going on, I don’t expect much of this, but since the field is getting so large, it’s hard to see across it to, for example, see why that riser is not lifting up. I would like it if drivers could walk around the field. (This is a petition)


I think due to Covid-19 there will be different options for driver stations, like at the ends of the field to maintain social distancing, when competitions are allowed. Never thought that driver stations were enforced that rigorously in IQ anyway?!

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I mean, the field is now 6x8, so they could use that for social distancing in the short term.

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But I don’t just mean temporarilly.

There are a few problems with this.

First off, the driver’s box is there for a reason: to keep you from doing one of a few things. Either, obscuring the audience’s view, getting into the opposing team’s head, tampering with field elements, etc.

Second, there really isn’t a need to remove it. I can’t really speak for you, as I never did IQ, and started right up in EDR, but I can share a funny story about Driver’s Boxes.

So, it was Turning Point(2018-19), and it was my rookie year in Vex. I was at a comp, and we had 6 people from our alliance’s 2 teams crammed into a 6’ by 2’ rectangle(EDR driver’s box). I didn’t have enough room to stand in the box, because an ***hole who was on my team “needed space to drive”. I wasn’t a particularly small human either, 5’ 4", 12, and skinny. So, I was outside of the box for a second. The head ref yelled at me, I got back in in the back. Then, I couldn’t see the field. I stood back on the side, careful not to go outside the box. The aforementioned driver literally elbowed me outside of the box. So, before the head ref saw, I went flamingo-style and stood on one leg on the side. My balance sucks, so I fell over almost immediately, then I tried again, and again, and again, and kept trying until those dreadful 2 minutes were up. The head ref saw, and was laughing the entire time.

This seems like a great idea, until you consider: no matter how the tournament is going to happen, there will be an audience. And an audience needs an angle to view the field from. So I guess the only way to do this is just expand the drive zone to part of the sides of the field.


I still feel that the driver’s sight should be prioritized over the audience’s. Plus, some competitions have viewers from all angles.


From you station, instead of having to look 4 feet to the other side now you have to look 6. In bank shot you had to stand behind the ramp… The bar for the goal means you would also have to see about 6 feet then, but you had a ramp in front of you!

I do anticipate your view of the field could be pretty tricky to navigate.

I also see the need for a driver’s station. When I am setting up events I make sure that there is nothing in that area. Any cords are taped to the floor, but never in the driver’s station. The referees and Emcee don’t have a set place to stand, but they know to NOT stand in the driver’s station. At every tournament you go to you know that you will have that 8 feet set aside for you. If the drivers could just stand anywhere then you would have refs and emcees that might be in your way as well.

Generally, the audience would like to see as well, and they should also have a consistent experience. I doubt we will have many audiences for a while here, though!




Well as much as I might want to walk around the much larger 12x12 VRC field I have found that with a lot of driver practice you can compensate for poor visibility or objects in the way. You should get to the point where you know exactly how your robot will behave even if you can’t see it and since this year’s iq game does not have any sort of static field element to avoid the only thing you will have to worry about is are the risers. Part of driving is being able to perform and adapt from any perspective.


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