Phantom End of the Season Update

First of all, its been great competing with all of you and the WC was really fun for our entire team.

As of now our website, has been updated, feel free to check it out at Later on we will be making a web based version of our scouting app.

Our Facebook page has also been updated, feel free to like our page to receive updates. If any of you would prefer Twitter instead we have just created one.

If any of you were in the HS Math division with us, we uploaded 4 matches to our channel. Unfortunately, that’s all we got. Hopefully next year we can get some quadracopters to record more matches.

Next season we will continue doing VEX and Zero Robotics, as well as starting our first season of FRC.

Thanks for posting guys. Our match against Phantom and 404 was a real highlight, so it was great to be able to watch it again. It was very close and we were very lucky to win. Cavalry got beached on a sack quite early, so Lucas had to pull out all the stops. If you watch at 60 seconds, he managed a high goal de-score by using the trough to lever the top roller up vertically so he could reach the high goal.

You guys are an awesome team. :slight_smile:
Give it heaps this season, Paul

You guys were really great too, we’re glad to have had the opportunity to go up against the division champions and world finalists. Seeya next season :slight_smile: